Paying it forward


Private scholarships help increase completion of college by reducing the level of debt that students must assume. Many of us can imagine - accumulated debt has a negative effect on college student persistence. Tuition and fees at private and public post-secondary institutions have been rising at rates well above the rate of inflation for at least two decades.


Dropout rate for college students has been estimated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board at 30% amongst Texas college student, with only part of it being explained by financing issues. Recognizing that access alone to post-secondary education is insufficient, National Contract Management Association – North Texas (NCMA – North Texas) recognizes that to facilitate those student who have accessed college is to improve post-secondary persistence and completion, particularly for contract management and supply management students, society must be willing to go beyond dollars and provide or ensure access to non-financial supports as well. 


To that end, NCMA – North Texas has established the (NCMA) - North Texas Mentoring Program. If you are a college student, or a contract Management/Supply Management professional wanting to pay it forward to the next generation of professionals, please click here to register. There is no charge to register. In addition to the more obvious benefits of a mentor/mentee relationship, there some additional perks: Mentoring helps people work smarter, Mentoring helps develop key talent, Mentoring aids succession planning, and 66% of millennials want an employee mentor.


By providing contract management and supply management students with non-financial support in the form of Mentoring, NCMA – North Texas can best help students complete their degrees and help keep the Contract Management and Supply Management Profession vibrant for future generations.