Mentee Information

We are excited you are considering becoming a Mentee in the NCMA North Texas Mentor/Mentee program!  You are taking a great step to grow your career, advancing your professional network, and gaining new perspective.

You will receive a number of benefits from being in a mentoring relationship, including:

  • Gaining from your mentor’s experience and expertise,
  • Learning specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to professional and personal growth,
  • Networking, and
  • Receiving critical feedback in key areas that you can use to change your technical and management skills

Mentees are expected to regularly meet with their assigned Mentors on a regular basis.  As the Mentee in the relationship, you are responsible to reach out to your assigned Mentor and find a mutually agreeable schedule to discuss career related issues.

 General Mentoring Program considerations

Before entering into a mentoring agreement, mentees should consider:

  • What aspects of your career or life are you hoping to improve via a mentoring arrangement?
  • Is a mentoring arrangement a suitable way to meet your goals?
  • How much time and effort do you anticipate will be required?
  • How much time and effort are you willing to put into the mentoring arrangement?

As a Mentee you need to remember that you, not your Mentor, will manage your own career and life choices - a Mentor is there to help you learn to ask the right questions and guide you toward resources that will help you to make these choices.

Time is a big consideration. You and your Mentor are both very busy professionals. You both will have to make the maximum effective use of the time that is available for the mentoring relationship.

Also, don't expect your Mentor to give you a job. While some mentoring relationships can lead to paid work, expecting your Mentor to make a job offer is overstepping the boundaries of the relationship. A Mentor can be a valuable resource for introductions and job leads. Your Mentor is there to help and teach, not to hire.The Program will be 8 months in duration. This does not prevent you and your mentor from personally deciding on continuing the mentoring relationship you have established. It only means that your NCMA NTx leadership will be evaluating the results accordingly and if necessary based on these experiences revising the program for future years.

You will be expected to attend the monthly NCMA NTx meetings, if possible.

Additionally, we expect our Mentees to complete 1 of the 5 following career growth opportunities at some time during the program year (from engagement through – May 2017):

  • Take the NCMA CFCM certification exam,
  • Be a volunteer at a meeting,
  • Write a short paper for submission and posting to the NCMA NTx, website,
  • Write an article for submission to NCMA CM magazine, or
  • Speak at a dinner meeting about your Mentoring experience

If you are still interested and want to become an NCMA North Texas Mentee, fill out the form below. We are so excited to have you as a new Mentee!


Mentee Application Form

This application is for those NCMA North Texas (NCMA NTx) members who wish to participate as Mentees in the NCMA NTx Mentoring Program this year. This program runs from acceptance into the program thru June 2017.  

The general qualifications for participation are: 1) Active membership in NCMA, 2) employed or actively looking for employment in the contracts / subcontracts field, 3) less than 10 years in the contracts/subcontracts field, and 4) a willingness to actively participate in the NCMA NTx Mentoring Program and in the life of the NCMA NTx chapter, by attending monthly events.  

The NCMA NTx Mentoring Program is open to all who qualify without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, or national origin. There is no cost to participate.

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As a condition of participating, we will ask you to complete one Professional Development action this program year. Please indicate which of these Career Development actions you envision completing. *