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Mentor Information

We realize that you and your mentee are both busy professionals and that your time is extremely valuable. Even though there is no formal minimum time requirement over the 8-month period, we ask that the mentoring pairs try to achieve a goal of approximately 2-4 hours per month for the mentoring relationship. Admittedly, every relationship is different based on a number of factors, but mentoring has to be of real value, and value is hard to achieve without some investment by the parties involved. The amount of time generally needed is also one of the factors the Board wants to evaluate for future program years.

 Your Role as a Mentor

As a mentor you have many roles, including:

  • A professional listener
  • An observer
  • An “adult” educator
  • A professional resource
  • A monitor
  • A Coach

If you are still interested and want to become an NCMA North Texas Mentor, fill out the form below. We are so excited to have you as a new Mentor!


Mentor Application Form

This application is for those NCMA North Texas (NCMA NTx) members who wish to participate as Mentors in the NCMA NTx Mentoring Program this year. This program runs from acceptance into the program thru June 2017. 

The general qualifications for participation are: 1) Active membership in NCMA, 2) more than 10 years in the contracts/subcontracts field, and 3) a willingness to actively participate in the NCMA NTx Mentoring Program.  

The NCMA NTx Mentoring Program is open to all who qualify without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, or national origin. There is no cost to participate.

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