Being a NCMA North Texas chapter President is a challenging and rewarding opportunity.  You have the chance to influence your profession, help mentor and train contracts managers, and work with enthusiastic team members.  We appreciate all the time and effort our past Presidents have given to the chapter and want to recognize them here!


The NCMA North Texas Chapter was chartered 0n 23 September 1963.

1963-64    Howard D. Clark

1964-65    Al Perches

1965-66    S. C. (Ted) Jones

l966-67    Warren Lowerre

l967-68    Ralph Cooper

l968-69    Hugo Hines

l969-70    Bob Holland

1970-71    Cecil Covington

1971-72    Brad Urey

l972-73    Gregory Caroprisi

l973-74    Royce Bodkin

1974-75    Dan Walsh

l975-76    Darryl Pennington

l976-77    Jim Coleman

l977-78    Ira “Doc” Whittenburg

l978-79    Jay Graham

l979-80    Ralph Cooper

l980-81    Bart Marko

l981-82    Chuck Bonnell

l982-83    Sandra O’Conner

l983-84    Wayne Collins

l984-85    Jim Bauer

l985-86    Bob Abele

l986-87    Bob Shultz

l987-88    Bill Erickson

l988-89    Mike Andringa

l989-90    Don Ginzel

l990-91    Phil Murphy

l991-92    John Kreideweis

l992-93    Gene Marshall

l993-94    Randy Moore

l994-95    Shelia Miller (North Texas Chapter won first place in Walter R. Graalman National Award for large chapters)

l995-96    Ruth Stark

l996-97    Ken Kagiyama

l997-98    Roger Israelson

l998-99    Nancy Ruff



2001-02    Carole Voltmer

2002-03    John T. Loving

2003-04    Paul Searles

2004-05    Sujata Wadhwani

2005-06    Brenda Patton

2006-07    Nydia Rosado

2007-08    Michele Stoudt-Wright

2008-09   Francis Moore


2010-11   Dr. Justin Craun

2011-12   Sarah Todd

2012-13   Christina Jackson

2013-14   Brad Wilkerson

2014-15   Treva Grimshaw

2015-16   Launa Lawhorn

2016-17    Daniel B. Forbes

2017-18   Daniel B. Forbes

2018-19   Foster Veronda

2019-20 Daniel Kouns


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