Letter to a Future NCMA North Texas Board Member or Committee Chair

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.
— Elizabeth Andrew

Dear Future NCMA North Texas Board Member or Committee Chair,

Thank you for joining the NCMA North Texas Board of Directors or becoming a Committee Chair in April 2018!  The chapter cannot function without people like you! It is people, just like you, with different backgrounds and experiences that provide the critical intellectual capital and strategic resources needed to power the NCMA North Texas chapter into the future!

Remember when you were considering being on the board back in February 2018? Do you remember we met for coffee to talk about it in advance? Though you were nervous, I answered most of your questions. Yep. I know. Even so, you were hesitant right? How much time will it demand? What are the benefits? Won’t someone else sign up to do it?

But after all the hesitancy, weighing the pros and cons, you did sign up.  You volunteered. I’m so glad that you did not let minor concerns keep you from taking a fulfilling role in the life of the NCMA North Texas Chapter in 2018-2019! 

Yes, I know you agree it does take a little time each month, about 4-6 hours (between board meetings, planning events, executing the events, etc.). But you will agree it is not as much as you initially thought.  And as they say, “…many hands makes the work lighter…” right?  Being part of a board means that you are not doing all the work yourself.  You have learned to take care of your responsibilities, delegate work, and hold the other members of the board accountable for their efforts, making the organization run better and the effort lighter.

But aren’t you surprised at the benefits! You discovered the little secret from serving on the NCMA North Texas board that you never expected:  serving is a powerful way to hone your own skills and expertise! To your surprise, you’ve increased your professional network ten-fold! You’ve developed friendships with members of the board and committee chairs. And though you had no plan for it, you’re finding these relationships might help you advance your own career.  You’ve learned how to read a financial report and understand chapter finances better (which are the life blood of the chapter). Also, you’ve also been exposed to thought leaders in the industry and, again, to your surprise, you’ve learned some new things!  Oh, and the discount on attending the monthly dinner, because you are a board member or committee chair, now that IS a nice little perk!

Anyway, thanks for stepping up and becoming a member of the Board or Committee Chair by clicking on the board recruitment page on the NCMA North Texas website and filling out the on-line application. Do you remember, it only took 2 minutes to complete? And it was so effortless!

It is because of people like you, in the future, that the NCMA North Texas Chapter will continue strong for another year!

Best regards, call me at 469-630-1050 if you have any questions, and thanks again for taking that first step to becoming a NCMA NORTH TEXAS Board Member or Committee Chair,

Daniel B. Forbes                                                                                                                             President                                                                                                                                       NCMA North Texas '17-'18

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.
— Unknown